Friday, February 27, 2009

Struggle to Blog

I have tried and tried almost every night to write an entry. Three things always stop me...the total exaustion that comes at the end of the day, the 101 other things that need to be done and the biggie...what to blog about that people will really care enough to read. I havent blogged enough to have a following so who would read it anyway?!? Sometimes I feel like its just self importance to blog. But I started blogging because I loved to write when I was younger and always feel I have lost so much of myself. That being said...more than half of the blogs I read are about everyday things in peoples lives that I dont even, why not right???

So, I will be starting a 7 days of Everyday Life which I have seen on many people blogs lately.

Today was just as much the same as every day. Got out for all of 20 minutes to take some photos. Tomorrow I hope to really get out and shoot alot more. So here are a couple of my cute feathered friends from today.

Also, If anyone stumbles upon this, please, tell me why you blog.