Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lost pics and other fun things!!!

Sorry for my absences!! Well it seems that my youngest decided to drop diet coke on my laptop almost a month ago.. My fault, yes. So I lost tons of pictures and everything else my beloved laptop held. I was devastated. Now finally, a month later, Im back online. Please leave me a comment so I can favorite all your blogs again. Or leave me any fun blogs you might know of. My favorites are empty...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Are you kidding me??

Who said men are from Mars? So true. My Mother-In-Law and I discuss this often. Last night I had the FUN task of going to get diapers! My husband thinks that this falls into the category of "my time". Yeah, whatever...I said I was going to go to Target, because well, honestly Target is more fun than CVS and further away. I was hoping he could get the kids ready and to bed. I said, the kids need to be in bed early, they didn't nap today. He WHAT??? He actually refused. He thought since I got to go out, he shouldn't have to do it. OK...whatever. I just went to CVS, came home and got them to bed. They are just clueless. Well, my husband is anyway. Tonight he is out, playing teenager with his friends in a garage playing guitar (I know I am making him sound like a creep but he hasn't gone to a friends in a very long since we had kids.) And I am putting the kids to bed. Ahhh...this is life.