Friday, August 1, 2008

Are you kidding me??

Who said men are from Mars? So true. My Mother-In-Law and I discuss this often. Last night I had the FUN task of going to get diapers! My husband thinks that this falls into the category of "my time". Yeah, whatever...I said I was going to go to Target, because well, honestly Target is more fun than CVS and further away. I was hoping he could get the kids ready and to bed. I said, the kids need to be in bed early, they didn't nap today. He WHAT??? He actually refused. He thought since I got to go out, he shouldn't have to do it. OK...whatever. I just went to CVS, came home and got them to bed. They are just clueless. Well, my husband is anyway. Tonight he is out, playing teenager with his friends in a garage playing guitar (I know I am making him sound like a creep but he hasn't gone to a friends in a very long since we had kids.) And I am putting the kids to bed. Ahhh...this is life.

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Camille said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Let me just tell husband is CLUELESS, too. Tonight I have to go out to a class and when I get home, I fully expect all the dirty dinner dishes and pots (that I cooked) to be exactly where they were on the table and stove when I left. And if the kids are in bed, he will be reclined on the couch watching TV. :)