Monday, July 28, 2008 shopping was fun!

For real. It was like a dream come true. Just recently have I even attempted to do this with the 2 kids. I had no clue once the turtle was out of the infant carrier how I was going to do it. Where do you put them??? Who invented shopping carts? A man im sure.... Anyway, I would always go at night or drag my poor mother in law with me. But I found a cart that not only hold 2 kids but if I wanted to (which I dont!) 3 kids!! I love it. First off, as I am walking in to the store, a older woman asks me if I need help?? Huh, me?? Never has anyone offered that, sometimes people dont even hold doors! I wanted to hug this woman. I didnt accept help, but still. My kids were like angels the whole time. I actually strolled around the store after I got everything we needed.
Came home and made dinner. I made zucchini latkes..omg!!! They were so so good!! I will post the recipe tomorrow so all 2 of you can have it!


Evie & Chris' Mommy said...

My son is still in a car seat so he gets put in the cart, and the groceries get pilled around him. With me praying that nothing falls on him. I usually don't get that much, or don't intent to, when it's just the 3 of us.

Evie & Chris' Mommy

Rachel said...

Yay for people who offer to help!!! Glad you had a good shopping day.

Laura said...

I am lucky - our store has carts for two kids to sit in...the only issue is then the boys would fool around and touch the other...but fo rthe most part it worked ok.

Now that my Irish twins are older, I find it challening to keep them by the cart. I put the 18 month old in the cart, then the 3 and 4 year old "get in ready position". Each have to hold onto a side of the cart. We started to train them in Ready position very young since at 18 months the eldest would point to the stroller and yell - "for Baby".

I am looking forward to your recipe - My garden has gifted me 21 zuccinies so far and I am running out of ideas!!!

Lindsay said...

How old are your Irish Twins? I have a 3yo and a 22.5 mo old (16 mo apart) and right now I REFUSE to take them shopping. Three yo does awesome - she's a gem....not so much the almost 2yo. He's a disaster and I can't really have 3yo walk, carry 2yo and push a cart/concentrate at the same time. Ugh....the midnight trips to the grocery store will continue until they can cooperate with each other. Good luck!!!